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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test with almost 3 million IELTS tests in more than 140 countries taken worldwide for academic, career and global migration goals.

IELTS assesses the four main English skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Some of the world’s experts in language assessment designed the IELTS, so it has an outstanding international reputation and is accepted worldwide by companies, universities, colleges, schools, immigration authorities and professional organizations.

IELTS scores and test format

In three hours, a test taker will be assessed in all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. For over 20 years the IELTS test format has remained virtually unchanged. This is partly why it has remained such a reliable tool for organizations all over the world. A test taker will take the Listening, Reading, and Writing test, in this order, all on the same day. The Speaking test may be scheduled either seven days before or seven days after the listening, reading and writing sections of the test. If you are test taker from another State, the centre arrange your speaking test a day before or on the same day of your writing session.

Two versions of the test

The IELTS test comes in two formats: Academic and General. Check your requirements or contact Cultura Inglesa Manaus Exams Department to make sure you are doing the correct version of the test. All test takers take the same Listening and Speaking tests. The Reading and Writing tests have different content depending on whether it is the IELTS Academic or IELTS General test. The same levels are used to assess both tests.

Cultura Inglesa Manaus offers test takers several ways to prepare for their IELTS Test: private and group tutoring. Please visit the Preparing for IELTS  for more information.

Cultura Inglesa Manaus offers test takers several ways to prepare for their IELTS Test: private and group tutoring. Please visit the Preparing for IELTS page for more information.

1. How to Register for the IELTS Test

You can register for the IELTS test at Cultura Inglesa Manaus in one of two ways:

  1. Register online
  2. Come to the Exams Department and complete the application form with the assistance of one of our IELTS staff.

Please make sure you provide your correct mailing address including any apartment or unit numbers when completing your application form. We need this information to ensure you receive your official test scores if they are mailed out.


The test fee is R$840,00. If you choose to pay by Credit or Debit card, taxes will be included. Before the test, you will receive an email with location and time information for your testing day.

For Test Date Information please go to Test Date.

During the application process, you may indicate up to five receiving institutions. We will send your TRF electronically, or by Brazilian Post to these institutions at no charge.

Along with the application form you will need to provide a proof of identity document. The only acceptable documents are a valid Passport or Brazilian Identity Card (RG), please ensure it:

  • is valid
  • has a clear photo
  • will be the same identity document you will use on the day of  the test
  • clearly shows your full name, date of birth, expiry date, signature and identification number. (Some passports have the expiry date or signature on another page in the passport).

3. Registering Online

Please go to Register now  and follow the online instructions. You will need to upload your identity documents during the application process.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and information to pay online. Test takers must pay within 3 days of registering to keep their test date.

If you do not want to pay online, you are welcome to come to the IELTS Test Centre and pay in person.

When you apply online, you receive 30 free hours of the online Road to IELTS to help you prepare for the test. Try it out.

4. Come to the IELTS Test Centre and complete the Application Form

Come to Exams Department and complete the Application Form with the assistance of one of our IELTS staff. Remember to bring your identity document with you as the application cannot be processed without it.

You can pay at the Department with Credit or Debit card, but taxes are included.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

Bank Transfer, Deposit, Credit or Debit Card. We do not accept personal cheques or cash. You will receive bank details by email as soon as you register.

5. Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the test date to qualify for a refund
An administration fee, 25% of the amount paid, will be deducted from the test fee for any cancellations or refunds. Special circumstances may be exempt
All refunds are subject to an administration fee
Please email us at to receive the appropriate Refund Form
Special Circumstances
Serious illness such as hospital admission must be accompanied by a medical note from Doctor or hospital admittance form. (Please note that we do not accept notes issued by family members, only notes signed by a certified medical doctor are acceptable.)
Loss or Bereavement such as the loss of a close family member must be accompanied by a death certificate
Hardship or Trauma such as traffic accident must be accompanied by police report.
Military Service such as enlisting must be accompanied by a letter from the government.
Please email us at for further information on special circumstances and to receive the appropriate form.

Illness on the Test Day

For sudden illness on your test day, please provide the following within 5 working days of the test day to qualify for a refund:

  1. a medical certificate
  2. a completed refund form. (Please email to receive this form)
  3. Admin Fee will apply

The completed Refund Form and medical documents must be submitted in person at the Exams Department (email or fax is not accepted).

Please note that we do not accept notes issued by family members, only notes signed by a certified medical doctor are acceptable.

6. Change of Test Date

  • Any changes to a test date can be made 5 or more weeks prior the scheduled test date
  • A fee is applied, 25% of the amount paid.
  • Changes made less than 5 weeks before a test date are considered cancellations
  • Changed dates must be booked within a 3 month period of the original test date
  • In order to change your test date, please contact for instructions

If you do not bring your identity document on your test day, you will not be able to write the IELTS test, and no refunds or transfer test dates will be allowed.   

Cultura Inglesa Manaus offers test takers several ways to prepare for their IELTS Test: private and group tutoring. Please visit the Preparing for IELTS page for more information.

There are two versions of the IELTS test — Academic (AC) and General Training (GT). Before you take the test, it is important that you know which version is required for your situation. If you have taken the wrong version after the test has been written, no refund will be issued.

Cultura Inglesa reserves the right to change test dates only if extremely necessary.

Date Version
17/08Academic and General
28/09Academic and General
07/11Academic and General
14/12Academic and General

Click HERE to Register

Date Version
26/10Academic and General
07/12Academic and General

Click HERE to Register


Date Version
23/11Academic and General

Click HERE to Register

Test Result Report Forms (TRF)

Test results are available 13 days after a test taker writes the test. Unofficial results are available Online Here. (Recognizing Organizations that accept TRFs electronically will get notice that your result is available the same day).

TRFs will be held for two weeks after the day they are available. During this time you will be able to pick up your TRF from our office. TRFs that are not collected within two weeks will be mailed through Brazilian Post. TRFs to be sent to Recognizing Organizations will also be mailed on the day your test score is available.

Test Day

On your test day, if you need additional TRF’s (more than the five on the application) sent, please complete this form and pay the additional fees below at test day registration.

  • R$50.00 to send a TRF to a Recognizing Organization by Brazilian Post regular delivery.
  • $100.00 to send a TRF by courier.

Post-Test Day Report Forms

Additional copies for test takers are not permitted. Additional TRFs are only permitted to be sent to Recognizing Organizations. Test scores are valid for 2 years.

Enquiry on Results

As IELTS scores are reliable, there are rarely errors. If you wish your test to be rescored, you can ask for an Enquiry on Results. This inquiry must be made within 6 weeks of your test date, and it may take 2-4 weeks to come back upon receipt of completed application.

You will be required to pay for this service, and you must return your original TRF with your completed Enquiry on Results Form. If your inquiry results in an improved score, the enquiry fee will be refunded.

All forms listed above will be available at the Test Centre if you are unable to download them.


If you wish to make a comment or a complaint regarding the IELTS process, please email or call 55 92 99102-7102  to Hevelyne Andrade, Test Centre Assistant.

Cultura Inglesa Manaus offers test takers several ways to prepare for their IELTS Test: private and group tutoring.

1. Download our course information for more detail




2. 18h Group Tutoring Schedule

Get in contact with us: Hevelyne Andrade Test Centre Assistant 92 99102-7102

3. Road to IELTS  (Online)

Road to IELTS is a plus for the preparatory course we offer at the Centre.

Try out the test for free. Road to IELTS – Test Drive Once you register for the test, get 30 hours of free online preparation. To access your free online test preparation, visit the Candidate Area. You will need your Reference Number and the Email Address you used to register with.